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Protect Your Clothes While Soaking Up the Sun

Protect Your Clothes While Soaking Up the Sun


Sometimes even the most innocent-looking products can bring worry to your relaxation wardrobe. Ward off unnecessary stress with these quick tips.


Potential Problem: Build-up from deodorant and antiperspirant products can cause fiber damage and yellowing.  Blue and green on silk and wool are particularly prone.  Aluminum chloride can weaken fibers in cotton, linen, rayon, and some synthetic blends, leaving holes during cleaning.
Clothing Care: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. Avoid overuse and allow antiperspirant/deodorant to dry before dressing. Soiled garments should be washed or dry cleaned as soon as possible.


Sunblock and Suntan Lotions
Potential Problem: Dyes and oils in suntan/sunblock lotions can stain clothing. This color loss or change may not appear until after you clean your clothes.
Clothing Care: Avoid many stains by following the directions on the bottle, allow the lotions to dry before dressing, and wash your hands before handling clothes.


Potential Problem: Chlorine in pools, spas, and hot tubs can damage spandex used in swimwear.
Clothing Care: Rinse your suit after wearing and follow the care label’s instructions.


Self-Tanning Lotions
Potential Problem: Self-tanners may discolor anything they touch!  Light tan, brown, or yellow staining on the cuffs, collar fold, and neckband, and upper button areas, are typical.
Clothing Care: Follow the instructions carefully, being sure to wash your hands immediately and allow your skin time to dry before dressing.  If the product gets on your clothes, wash them as soon as possible, as these stains can be difficult to remove.


Insect Repellents
Potential Problem: Repellents usually will not damage most fibers; however, some products contain alcohol and can cause color loss or color change on fabrics such as acetate and rayon.
Clothing Care: Read the label carefully, especially if applying directly to clothing.

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Rick’s Cleaners is a Top 3 Finalist for 2018 Austin American Statesman Best of the Best!

Preliminary results are in, and Rick’s was voted one of the top 3 finalists for the 2018 Best Dry Cleaners in Austin by the Austin American Statesman! This contest features all kinds of businesses, and allows them a chance to showcase themselves in their respective category. Winners are announced next month! Good luck to other local Austin businesses in the running! #bestofthebest #localdrycleaner #statesman

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Recycle Your Hangers at Rick’s!

Do you have wire hangers taking up too much closet space? Load them up and bring them to Rick’s! A new customer of ours called this week to see if we would recycle her wire hangers because it was crowding her closet space. We’re happy to recycle them for you! We have convenient hanger stands in each of our lobbies, and have been recycling hangers and plastics (poly bags used to cover your clothing) for years!

Did You Know? You cannot recycle wire hangers in your at-home recycle bins. In fact, the City of Austin endorses dry cleaners as the best place to take them.

Sad Fact: Huffington Post says on average, Americans throw away 81 pounds per year in clothing and textiles. That amounts to 26 billion pounds of textiles and clothes ending up in landfills, but it doesn’t have to be like that =(. Donating unwanted clothes helps people and stimulates the economy at the same time! The article states that “contributing to the secondhand industry helps to infuse money into the economy. By extending the life cycle of secondhand clothing, the reuse industry employs nearly 100,000 workers and creates $1 billion in wages in the U.S. alone.”

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Closed July 4th in Honor of Independence Day

We are closed July 4th in honor of Independence Day and re-open Thursday at 7am.

Dry Clean Schedule Change:

Dry clean dropped Tuesday is available for pickup on Thursday after 5pm

Laundry Schedule Change:

Laundry dropped Monday is available for pickup on Thursday after 5pm
Laundry dropped Tuesday is available for pickup on Friday after 5pm


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Closed Monday May 28th in observance of Memorial Day

We are closed Monday, May 28th, in observance of Memorial Day!
A modified schedule of dry cleaning and laundry due dates is shown below:

Dry Cleaning:

Items dropped Saturday are due Tuesday after 5pm
Items dropped Tuesday are due Wednesday after 5pm


Items dropped Saturday are due Wednesday after 5pm
Items dropped Tuesday are due Thursday after 5pm

Have a great weekend!

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It’s National Small Business Week!

Thanks for supporting small businesses in our community! Rick’s Cleaners owes our 31 years in business to you!

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Home Remedies for Lipstick, Gum, and Chocolate

chocolate stainWe get questions all of the time about home stain removal tips. Here are three home stain remedies we can share. You should know that trained professionals with specialized equipment can give their garments the best chance of a full restoration, BUT its fun to give it shot!  

One home remedy for removing lipstick is to rub the stain with white bread. This may help, but it will leave behind some bread crumbs which may get embedded in the fibers of a soft fabric. A better technique is to use cleaning fluid. Place the stain face down on clean white paper towels. Apply cleaning fluid to the back of the stain and blot. Replace towels frequently. Dry thoroughly. If the stain is still visible, use a synthetic detergent and water. 

To remove gum, harden the area with an ice cube and gently lift off any large pieces. Do not scrape with sharp objects that may damage fabric. Wet with cleaning fluid over a clean, white paper towel to remove the final traces. Another method is to use peanut butter. The oils will help “unstick” the gum. After a few minutes, the gum can be lifted off the fabric with a napkin or paper towel. Then wash the item using normal washing procedures. However, we caution you that oil from the peanut butter may leave stains (which can be removed with drycleaning).

Chocolate contains oils and sugars, both of which are difficult to remove. Blot with cold water. Apply an enzyme detergent and rinse with water. If the stain persists after this process, apply a household ammonia and rinse thoroughly. Do not apply ammonia to silk or wool fabrics. If the garment can be safely bleached, your customer’s final resort at home may be to bleach the area.

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Irony – The Opposite of Wrinkly

We couldn't resist!

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How Dry Cleaning Works: A Video Shot On Site at Rick’s Facility!

Links to Youtube PageHere is a behind the scenes look at what happens after you drop off your clothing at a cleaners! We take pride in work involved in caring for your clothes! Have questions? Send us your thoughts on our "Contact Us" page.

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2017 Holiday Schedule Changes

Upcoming Store Hours Changes:
Saturday (12/23) – Open 8am-5pm
Christmas Day (12/25) – Closed
Day After Christmas (12/26) – Open 7am-7pm
Saturday (12/30) – Open 8am-5pm
New Year's Day (1/1/2018) – Closed
Day After New Year (1/2/2018) – Open 7am-7pm

Drop Off / Pick Up Schedule Changes:
Drop off Friday (12/22) ready Saturday at 3pm
Drop off Saturday (12/23) ready Tuesday at 5pm
Closed Monday (Christmas Day)
Drop off Friday (12/29) ready Saturday at 3pm
Drop off Saturday (12/30) ready Tuesday at 5pm
New Year's Day (1/1/2018) – Closed

Drop off Friday (12/22) ready Tuesday at 5pm
Drop off Saturday (12/23) ready Wednesday at 5pm
Closed Monday (Christmas Day)

Drop off Friday (12/29) ready Tuesday at 3pm
Drop off Saturday (12/30) ready Wednesday at 5pm
New Year's Day (1/1/2018) – Closed
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Rick’s Awarded Bronze for Best Dry Cleaners in Georgetown

Shout out to our Georgetown crew and customers for making this happen! We can tell people appreciate friendly service and incredibly low prices!

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Rick’s Cleaners Wins 2017 Best Dry Cleaners & Laundry in Austin

Best of Austin Dry Cleaners and Laundry

A big thank you to all of our customers and staff! You guys rock!

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Because of You.

Gratitude and a simple thank you go a long way. We hear it as we open the door for a stranger. We see it with a smile when someone does the unexpected. We feel it with a hug or handshake. Gratitude is well deserved, and comes from the heart.

My dad Rick started this cleaners over 30 years ago with his first store on Burnet Road next to TacoDeli. He was young, driven, and didn’t have any grey hair yet. He knew that hard work and providing affordable dry cleaning to our city was the recipe to making it in this town. Thanks to you Rick’s has been able to grow to 16 locations around Austin. Never sold to investors. Never franchised. We are an Austin born family and team who work hard together every day to build something strong and resilient.

This year we’re honored to advance to the final round of Austin Chronicle’s “Best Of” Award (vote for us!). You’ve put a big smile and sense of accomplishment on the faces of our team. We owe it all to our employees and most importantly you.

Ian & The Rick's Cleaners Family

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50% of Profits to Charity – Sept. 13 – All 16 Locations

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3411 N Lamar Location is Open During Parking Lot Remodel

parking lot remodelPlease excuse our mess between 8/23/17-8/24/17 at our North Lamar Location. We are open for business as we wait to get our new concrete parking lot! Please park next door at the Austin Shoe Hospital.

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