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How Sunscreen and Suntan Lotion Affect Your Clothes

Hot, sunny days require sunscreen and suntan lotion. While most people use these products to help protect their skin from the sun, others use them to enhance their skin tone.

Unfortunately, the components found in most sunscreens and suntan lotions can cause stains to fabrics. Most of these skin care products contain oils to make them moisture-resistant. They may also contain dyes to give them a certain color or to allow the skin to darken.

Initially, stains caused by these products may be invisible, but age and/or the heating of cleaning may cause them to become more apparent.

Try to let the lotion dry completely before it comes in contact with your garment. It is possible to still transfer to your clothing, but it will be less likely to damage your items.

The oil component of skin care preparations may not be easily removed in normal washing or drycleaning procedures, but appropriate stain removal techniques can be successful. For this reason, it is important to tell your cleaner if sunscreens or tanning lotions may have contacted the garment. 

Date of Publication: 8/2/2017

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Thank You To Big Brother Big Sister and Austin Police Dept.

We would like to extend a BIG congrats to both Big Brothers/Big Sisters & the local law enforcement involved in joining together for this great program.

Rick's is personally involved with mentoring through BBBS and has witnessed first hand the positive impact this program brings to all involved.

We happily provide a discount to any #BBBS mentor at any of our 16 locations. In addition, we are proud to support our local law enforcement officers with discounted dry cleaning prices for law enforcement uniform shirts/pants/vests/jackets at $1.79 per piece.

Big Brother Big Sister

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Rick’s is Closed Monday May 29th in Observance of Memorial Day

We Are Closed Monday May 29th
in Observance of Memorial Day
& Open Tuesday May 30th at 7am
Pick Up / Drop Off Schedule Changes:

Items dropped off Friday will be ready Tuesday at 5pm
Items dropped off Saturday will be ready Wednesday at 5pm

Dry Clean:
Items dropped off Saturday will be ready Tuesday at 5pm

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Celebrating 30 Years of Business at Our Recent Manager’s Meeting!

manager meeting Ricks

Thank You Austin! Our most recent Manager's Meeting celebrated 30 YEARS in business! Depending on which location you use, you may recognize one of the faces in this photo. These are our store managers and they represent our company. If you spot the manager of your store we encourage you to thank them for all of their hard work. Without them we wouldn't be here. Also a huge thank you to the rest of our staff not shown. A special thank you to Jessica for your creativity and the delicious cake!

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Rick’s Wins Hill Country News Best of the Best!

Rick's Cleaners Wins Best of the Best Award 2017Rick's was voted #1 Dry Cleaners in Cedar Park & Leander!

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A Great Ride – BP MS150

bp ms 150 post raceThree of our five riders! Thank you for all of your support in helping raise money for the National MS Society in this year's BP MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin! It was a great success and truly helps families and individuals with Multiple Sclerosis! We will be back next year!

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Check Out Rick’s BP MS150 Jerseys!

Rick's BP MS150 Jersey

  We're riding in this year's MS150 to raise awareness for those living with Multiple Sclerosis. The event raises funds for the National MS Society to promote their research and efforts. Please click here to consider donating anything you're comfortable with – $5,$10, whatever! Thanks in advance for your support.

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BP MS150 & Team Rick’s Cleaners

BP MS150 Rick's CleanersRick's Cleaners recently created a small team to ride and help fundraise for this year's BP MS150 in efforts to raise awareness in our fight against Multiple Sclerosis! To help fight MS please take the time to visit our Team Rick's Cleaners page! Any donations or social sharing are greatly appreciated! The ride takes place April 29-30.

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New South Lamar Location Opening 1/2/2017!


Our 16th location opens in a few weeks. Find us across the street from Matt's El Rancho! We're proud to be a local (and non-franchised!) family owned business!

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3 Tips to Clean Your Fall Clothes the Right Way

You’ve Got the Style, But How Do You Clean It?


Fall fashion is here, and your winter wardrobe is near. We’re all guilty of wearing our favorite garments a couple extra times before cleaning it, but is that OK to do? Absolutely, but there are risks involved. There are obvious signs of “Clean Me Now!” such as noticeable stains or odors that we simply cannot cover. At this point you should get your items cleaned by either washing them or taking them to the cleaners. It’s the not so obvious factors that can harm the fibers of your favorite go-to item or most prized outfit, and once discovered these are the ones that hurt.


Lucky for you there are articles, resources, and your mother’s wisdom to help you protect your favorite fall clothes for the long haul. Here are 3 tips to protect your clothes by cleaning the right way.



Own a wool, cashmere, or angora sweater? Read this. Sweaters should be dry cleaned. If you wash them at home the garment could lose its softness, acquire a fuzzy or old look, or worst of all shrink. If you store them in your closet without cleaning them after each use you run the risk of falling victim to moth damage the next time you clean your sweater.

Clothing moths can cause considerable damage to materials containing wool, fur, or other animal derived products. Their larvae like to feed in dark protected areas making closets a nice landing spot. They are attracted to stains or perspiration in the fabric. Damage from moth larvae occurs from feeding on the fibers and weakening the material. Unfortunately, the real damage is typically seen after dry cleaning a garment because the agitation of the cleaning process causes the weakened area to give out.  This results in small single hole (or often in clusters).

Note: This info also applies to wool suits and scarfs


Here are a few tips to reduce or avoid moth problems:

-Thoroughly clean storage areas
-Store clothing in tightly sealed containers
-Deterrents such as cedar, mothballs, or sprays can be helpful, but won't guarantee protection.



Raincoats or Outerwear

Raincoats and outerwear don’t need to be cleaned that often, but when you’re ready make sure to check the clothing care label! Often the best way to clean them is by hand wash or a delicate wash cycle. Do not use fabric softeners when washing. Hang them to dry, and they are ready for another wear. Many care labels state “Dry Clean Only,” but be cautious of a material called Polyurethane. Often abbreviated as P.U., this material is extremely dangerous to dry clean because it contains a coating to keep it soft that can easily dissolve in dry clean solution.  If the manufacturer’s coating isn’t stable, the material can stiffen up, blister, or flake off.

Polyurethane Warning

Leather / Suede

A fall favorite, leather and suede garments are a great low maintenance choice. Make sure with both materials to avoid water at all costs. Exposure to rain can be dangerous, as can trying to wash these items like your normal clothing. Washing with water or standard dry cleaning won’t cut it. Your quick fix is to blot with a white rag to remove surface stains, but try to avoid excess moisture. Do not rub these garments, as it can cause discoloration or color loss. The best solution to clean them is to have a professional leather and suede cleaning service do the job. Most reputable dry cleaning companies will over this specialty service or can recommend someone if they can accept the item at their store. This service comes at a cost, but it is worth it!  Curious how it’s done?


  1. Stains are worked on first
  2. The item is cleaned in a machine with peanut or olive oil to keep material soft
  3. Fatty soaps are then used on the item (Same concept as using lotion for your skin)
  4. The item is cured and dries naturally with air
  5. Pressed warm without steam
  6. Bagged and sent back to customer.


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What Happens After I Drop Off My Clothes?

There is a lot that happens beyond your initial drop off. Take a look.

Tagging and Stains
In reality, after check-in, we tag your items so the cleaning team can keep track of them through the upcoming process. Then we check for stains. If we find any tough stains, we’ll remove them based on their chemistry. Stain removal is part art and part science. Some stains are tougher than others but our team can handle 99.9% of them.

Next, we place your garments into the cleaning machine. It’s like a large home washer since the clothes are placed in a metal cylinder. During cleaning, your items bathe in an EPA-approved fluid to dissolve grease and oily stains. Centrifugal force removes most of the fluid and soils just like in a home washer, the rest comes out in drying. Your clothes come out ready to be pressed.

Examples of Finishing
We press pants one leg at a time blast wrinkles with 300-degree steam while a hot flat coated iron flattens and creases each leg (or not depending on your preference). We get wrinkles out of the waist and seat with “puff irons” or a specialized “pants topper” device. If they pass our quality inspection, they're ready for you.

Shirts are a little more involved. We press sleeves on a machine called a “sleever,” or many times by hand. We do collars and cuffs together on another specialized machine. Full-body machines press the front and back perfectly flat. Then, we place the shirt on a form to give the collar it’s natural round shape.

Inspection & Assembly
Following the finishing process, we inspect each item before it is assembled with the rest of your order. We also give the items a detailed final quality exam upon bagging.

Items identified as less-than-100% Ready to Wear go back for correction. The real magic of professional cleaning is how you feel 100% confident because you know you look your best. You know because you trusted the experts, us. Our only job is making you look your best.

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How the Sun Can Damage Your Fabrics

sun damage fabric

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause significant fading to your clothing, curtains, and upholstery. Signs of damage occur in similar fashion to the picture. (This is an actual photo of a couch that has been nearby a window for approximately 4 years).
Notice the difference in fabric? Also, we often see this type of damage on golf polos underneath the collar. The protected area remains the original color, but the area expose to sun lightens significantly. After this damage occurs, there is no way to reverse the effects.
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Big Brother Big Sister Discount at any Rick’s Cleaners

Show a Rick's staff member your Big Brother Big Sister ID card
when dropping off and get discounted dry cleaning!

bbbs mentor

To view more businesses in Austin who offer discounts to BBBS mentors please click here

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6 Tips To Make Your Curtains Last

1) To protect drapes against yellowing due to excess staining and soiling, clean the drape at least once a year.

2) It is best that you have your drapes cleaned by a cleaner who is experienced in the cleaning of drapes and is knowledgeable in drapery problems.

3) Protect drapes from prolonged dampness. Moisture from rain, leaky pipes, or condensation from window panes can result in water marks and mildew.

4) If possible, rotate draperies periodically to vary the amount of light exposure received.

5) Protect drapes from abrasion damage by avoiding constant rubbing on window sills or furnishings while in use. Abrasion damage can also be caused by a family pet snagging the fabric with sharp claws.

6) Keep draperies away from the kitchen, wood stoves, or fireplaces. Smoke from wood stoves, fireplaces, and cigarettes; cooking fumes; and other atmospheric contaminants can contribute greatly to drapery soiling

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Wedding Season Has Arrived – Care For Your Gown

Wedding Gown Preservation RicksBrides often want to preserve their gown as a keepsake, particularly if the gown is an heirloom. We recommend having your gown cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible.

The gown may have invisible stains from food, beverages, and body oils. If these stains are not properly cleaned, they may become permanent. It is important to point out any stains or spills before cleaning. Most wedding gowns include decorative trim. It is important to inspect these trims with your cleaner prior to cleaning since some may not withstand the cleaning process. Often these trim pieces can be removed and cleaned separately, then reattached.

Most of all…congratulations!

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