Dry Cleaning is Effective in Killing Viruses on Clothing

Is Laundry and Dry Cleaning Effective in Killing Viruses on Clothing?



Dry cleaners use specialized detergents and sanitizers that are effective at killing bacteria and viruses. The heat of the dry cycle also reaches appropriate temperatures to eliminate active threats. Commercial cleaning detergents and antimicrobial soaps are readily available as well as specialized products such as virucides. The World Health Organization believes the coronavirus can remain alive on surfaces for a few days, which makes laundry or dry cleaning a must-do!


-Bring on the heat! Our equipment is capable of reaching virus killing temperatures during the standard dry cleaning cycle. Please note: garments are individually checked prior to drying. If we feel they cannot withstand a dry cycle, we find an alternate way of cleaning them.


-We sanitize our machine and controls between loads. 


-After cleaning and pressing, every garment is enclosed in plastic for protection and cleanliness. Please recycle plastic bags in our store when you are done with them.


How to Keep Your Clothes Clean During Corona Virus / COVID-19 Outbreak

You do a lot of laundry at home! Given the current situation, we’d like to provide some additional best practice measures that will help your clothes stay clean and virus free.


-Wash your clothing after one use (or even after one 5-minute trip to the grocery store). This is a very important step to help reduce the risk of transferring the virus to other areas if it is on your clothing.

-Run laundry cycles in hot water if it won’t harm the garments in the machine. You know your clothing best. If hot water will harm specific items you can wash them at a cooler temperature cycle. Washing in very hot water (160 degrees) is the most effective.

-Dry Clothing with Heat! Caution: We do not recommend drying athletic wear or specialty garments. Always check the care label to see if drying your garment is safe.


Is it Safe to Clean My Clothing at a Dry Cleaners?


Yes!  Whether you are washing at home or visiting a dry cleaners, we encourage you to be adamant about cleaning your clothing! It is important to know that if clothing comes in contact with someone else’s clothing, any bacteria or virus present will be killed by the dry cleaning or laundry process. We’ve also taken additional measures in our store to keep everyone safer.


-Clear Protection Shields have been installed in our stores for the safety of our customers and staff. You can feel more comfortable knowing face to face contact has been eliminated.

-No Need to Sign Credit Card Slips.


-Counters, Doors, & Credit Card Machines are sanitized constantly throughout the day.


-All staff wears gloves and a mask.


-If you prefer to not come inside, simply call our store so we can serve you at your vehicle.


If You’re Looking for Home Delivery We Can Do That


Rick’s offers incredibly low prices at all 16 locations. However, if you are interested in pick up and delivery to your home or business, we have a solution for you! We’ve partnered with Ian’s Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery to provide you with free pickup and delivery! They are highly recommended, local, and offer high-quality work.


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