Rick’s prides itself on providing quality dry cleaning at the best price in the Austin area. For over 36 years we have been excelling in keeping customers happy and improving their image. Below is a brief behind the scene description of our services.

Dry Cleaning:

Beyond popular belief, dry cleaning does not mean your clothing tumbles around in a dry basket of air. Clothes are deep cleaned in a safe solution, the solution is extracted out, then your clothes are steam pressed. The entire cleaning process contains no water (only a solution); hence the name “dry” cleaning.  The cleaning solution is excellent at removing your most common stains. We care for the environment which is why we use absolutely no “PERC” in any of our dry cleaning facilities! Dry cleaning is great for your specialty items or your everyday wardrobe.

Standard dry cleaning is a two-day turnaround and is returned back by 5pm on the scheduled due date.

*Rush Order Requests are available Monday-Thursday and on Saturday for next business day turnaround. This service is not available for drop-offs that occur on Fridays. $5.00 Rush Fee per invoice (max 5 pieces per invoice).
*This process uses barcodes placed on the inside of garments to safely track item movement between our store and cleaning facilty.

Wet Cleaning:

Wet cleaning is a safe alternative to dry cleaning that uses water as a base instead of a solution. The cold water wash uses detergent with special cleaning agents. Items are then dried on a low heat setting. Perfect for everyday garments such as jeans, polos, t-shirts, etc.

Standard wet-cleaning is a two-day turnaround and is returned back by 5pm on the scheduled due date.

Shirt Laundering:

Our state-of-the-art equipment gives a press unlike any other at a cost unlike any other. Shirts and blouses are washed with soap and starch of your preference. After the wash, they are pressed while wet. 100% cotton is the absolute safest material to process in commercial laundry. For anything else, we recommend dry cleaning.

Shirt/blouse laundering is a two-day turnaround.

Wash, Dry, & Fold:

This service is just like doing laundry at home except we are doing the work! A perfect solution for anyone looking to save time or enjoy the convenience of not having to fold their laundry. Items are washed, dried, and folded. Common items include towels, t-shirts, socks, and casual wear. Clean clothes are returned folded in clear packaging.

Wash, Dry, & Fold is a three-day turnaround and has a 10 lb. minimum on all orders.

*Items excluded from Wash, Dry, & Fold price include comforters, blankets, curtains, rugs, and other specialty items.

Press Only:

Press only is a great alternative to dry cleaning when you have clothing that just needs a press touch-up. Your clothes will be steam pressed and look like new again, without having to send them through the dry clean process. For extremely delicate items, many people hand wash at home and afterward bring their garments in for press only.

Press Only items are a one-day turnaround and returned back the next day at 5pm.

Household Items:

Rick’s cleans a variety of household items including comforters, throw blankets, tablecloths, pillow covers, and many more. When cleaning household items we recommend you bring in the entire set to ensure proper cleaning care. We care for the environment which is why we use absolutely no “PERC” in any of our dry cleaning facilities! These items are a 3-day turnaround.

Bridal Cleaning and Preservation:

We know wedding dresses are an important keepsake. That’s why wedding dress cleaning and/or preservation is sent out to a professional cleaning company that specializes in wedding dresses. This process is on average a 6-week turnaround.  Rick’s also offers express in-house cleaning and pressing of wedding dresses for a discounted rate if they have no beading present (ask store for more details).​

Leather, Suede, and Fur:

Leather, suede, and fur cleaning are always sent to an off-site specialty cleaner to ensure the absolute best and safest cleaning because they should not be cleaned in a regular dry clean process. Rick’s charges the lowest rates in town for this type of cleaning. This process is a 3-4 week turnaround.

Linen and Tablecloth Cleaning:

Let’s make it clean and fresh for your next use! We take care of your linen and tablecloths with wet cleaning or dry cleaning options to remove the toughest stains. Oil stains? Too much wine last night? Let the professionals take care of it.

School Uniforms:

We are the best price in town for cleaning school uniforms! This includes Band, Orchestra, Choir, or Theater! We will clean your uniforms and have them clean and ready to go for next season!

No matter what, follow the care label and remember that we’re here to help with difficult stains or any items that need professional attention. We are flexible in our cleaning methods depending on the specific uniform you have and can accommodate in dry cleaning or wet cleaning to preserve your investment.

If you are interested in having your uniforms cleaned at any time in the future, keep Rick’s Cleaners in mind! We will beat any price in town and have had many years of experience with band uniforms. Numerous references are available upon request.

Rug Cleaning:

Get your rugs professionally cleaned up with our gentle yet powerful rug cleaning service. In our wet cleaning process, your rug is washed using oriental rug shampoo (deodorant/fragrance-free) and then rinsed. Next, it will be hung in a heated humidity-controlled drying room to safely dry. Rugs are returned rolled up upon completion. Every rug is unique, so it is best to send a few photos and the dimensions to for an accurate quote and turnaround time. When sending photos please include one of the entire rug, a close-up of the top material of the rug, and one of the bottom so that we can see how the rug is constructed.

Please note: our store staff will not be able to give you an immediate quote in-store. If you choose to drop off the rug, it will be sent to our corporate office for review before providing a quote. Emailing is the fastest and most efficient way.

Turnaround time is approximately 3-4 weeks.


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In-Store Prices

$4.49 Any Garment Dry Cleaned

No dry clean mark-ups. Easy and straightforward pricing.​​​​

Dry Clean Price
Shirt / Blouse $4.49
Pants / Shorts $4.49
Coats / Jackets $4.49
Dress $4.49
Skirts $4.49
Vest $4.49
Sweaters $4.49
Tie / Scarf / Shawl / Robe $4.49
Jumpsuit / Romper $4.49
Laundry Prices Price
Men’s shirt $3.29
Blouse $3.49
Pants / Shorts $5.49
Dress / Jumpsuit / Skirt $6.15
Lab Coat $5.79
Cover all (overalls) $7.44
Military BDU top (no plastic zippers) $3.99
Military BDU bottom (no plastic zippers) $3.99
Laundry Add-ons Price
Boxed-n-Folded $0.75 per shirt/blouse
Creased Sleeves $0.50 shirt/blouse
Military Crease $1.00 per item
Wash, Dry, & Fold Price
Wash, Dry, & Fold (per lb. with a 10 lb. minimum) $2.29
Household Price
Comforter/Bedspread (any size)
Note: May be additional upcharges depending on item
Down Comforter (any size)
Note: May be additional upcharges depending on item
Duvet Cover Priced same as comforter
Bed Skirt (Depending on Size) $17.99 – $22.99
Bed Sheet (Any Size Cleaned & Pressed) $13.99
Sham $7.35
Pillow Cover $7.35
Place Mat $4.49
Table Runner $10.99
Throw Blanket $16.49
Table Cloth (SM-M) $13.99
Table Cloth (Large) $16.35
Curtains (No pleats – priced per panel) $27.99
Couch Cushion Cover (Small) $16.99
Couch Cushion Cover (Medium/Large) $20.99
Chair Cover (any size) $16.99
Miscellaneous Items Dry Clean Price
Formal Dress $15.99
Sari $15.99
Military BDU top $4.49
Military BDU bottom $4.49


Specialty Items Dry Clean Price
Wedding Dress Press Only (sent out to a specialty cleaner) $79.99
Wedding Dress Clean and Press (sent out to a specialty cleaner) $138.99
Wedding Dress Preservation (sent out to a specialty cleaner)
Note: May be additional upcharge depending on item
Wedding Dress Press Only (in house – no beads) $49.99
Wedding Dress Clean and Press (in house – no beads) $84.99
Leather/Suede Jackets (sent out to a specialty cleaner)
Note: May be additional upcharge depending on item
and up

Disclaimer: Prices do not include sales tax.

“Press Only” Price: $3.49
*$5.00 Rush Fee per invoice (max 5 pieces per invoice – available for Dry Clean or Press Only – not available for Saturday delivery)
*Next Day Rush Service is not an available option when dropping items off on Friday. It is only available when dropping off items Monday-Thursday or on Saturday.

*Some exclusions apply. See price list for complete price list.