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Clean Your Curtains in November

November is a great time to give your curtains a proper cleaning. Curtains are known to attract dust and absorb odors from your home. If you choose to clean them at home, please make sure to check for a care label before you try cleaning them. It is always best for them to be professionally dry cleaned or wet cleaned.

When cleaning at home you will be limited to “spot clean” only or washing in a gentle cycle in your washing machine. If you decide to wash them please make sure your machine is on the most delicate cycle. We never recommend drying curtains after washing in water as they can shrink easily with heat. When your wash cycle is done you can stretch the curtain flat and hang to dry.

Dry cleaning is also a common method effective in cleaning curtains. We will safely assess the best way to clean your curtains and clean them in the best way possible.

Anytime you clean curtains there are always risks associated with the process. Although not frequent, the most common risks include shrinkage of the lining or outer layer, color transfer if the dye is not colorfast, and weaknesses in the material “giving out” during the process. Sun and dust are the two biggest risks to long-term damage to curtains. When cleaning at home or with a professional the damage will likely occur during the cycle itself. Although measures will take place to avoid risk while cleaning, there is no guaranteed way to know or prevent the damage from occurring during the cleaning cycle.

Please note: Always check the care label first. It is important to know how curtains can be safely cleaned. Consult with a professional if you have any questions.

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